Integrated ceramic design

In industrial and process systems, integrating advanced ceramic materials enhances lifespan, elevates performance standards, and optimizes cost-efficiency.  In order to achieve this, advanced ceramic materials must be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing equipment and components predominantly composed of metal alloys. Calix Ceramic Solutions has the expertise and industry knowledge to offer a range of integrated ceramic design tailored specifically to your applications and challenges.

ceramic products produced in a ceramic to metal integration

Solutions for Integration

Heat Shrink Solutions

Calix Ceramic Solutions specializes in intelligent design solutions for shrink applications, engineering compression-based solutions of ceramic materials within existing metal components.  Our understanding of material behavior allows us to capitalize on the full potential of ceramics in unique and challenging situations.

Bonding Techniques

Calix Ceramic Solutions facilitates the seamless bonding of ceramics and metals by employing an array of high and low-temperature adhesives.

Design For Manufacture

Calix Ceramic Solution’s experts can collaborate closely with manufacturing teams to tailor designs that capitalize on ceramic properties while aligning with production objectives.  Our approach considers the entire design, tolerances, and performances of ceramics in conjunction with existing materials.

For more information on heat shrink tubing or ceramic bonding:

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Expertise and Innovation

With a deep understanding of advanced ceramic materials and their interactions with metals, Calix is equipped to tackle complex challenges. Striving for constant innovation, our solutions are proven state-of-the-art options that advance your business.

Custom Solutions and Collaboration

Calix specializes in tailoring solutions to suite the specific needs of your industrial setup, analyzing your requiremnts and challenges. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with yours, fro the initial concept to the delivery of the final product, ensuring that our solutions align with your operations. 

Reliability and Trust

In industrial applications, components are critical. Our products are not only designed for industrial applications, but are rigorously tested, ensuring their dependability under demanding conditions. You can trust that our solutions have a proven track record of performance. 

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