3D Ceramic Printing Service

Additive Manufacturing

While additive manufacturing or 3D printed freeform processes have garnered much attention and have found considerable commercial application with alloys and plastics; use of this technology has been extremely limited with Advanced Ceramic materials given inherent challenges with material shrinkage and powder characteristics. 
Calix is able to offer a variety of Advanced Ceramic Materials utilizing a unique 3D process which allows cost-effective rapid net shape fabrication of very complex part geometries; that either would not be possible with traditional ceramic production techniques or would be cost prohibitive.

Examples of part types or structures allowed by 3D/Additive Manufacturing processing for consideration:

  • Complex prototypes can be produced rapidly without high tooling costs and long lead times
  • Engineered Porous components (layered honeycomb type), ideal for Metal Filtration or Radiant Heating applications depending on material utilized
  • Obtuse or very complex part shapes are not an issue
  • Finely Layered Structures, with blind features or interconnected complex structures for Heat Exchanger or Heat Transfer applications are possible
  • Small complex components can be produced in high volume with good economics
  • Functionally graded structures or connectors, with CTE compatible, multiple material layering possible (a means to potentially connect dissimilar materials, i.e. metal to ceramic)

3D Printed Advanced Ceramic Materials available from Calix:

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