Calix Ceramic Solutions offers a low resistivity sintered silicon carbide semiconductor shower head.  We have the capability to custom engineer and supply advanced ceramic materials utilizing a variety of unique capabilities.

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  • Customized electrical properties (low or high resistivity)
  • Thermal management: high thermal conductivity ceramics (up to 200 Watts) & insulating ceramics
  • Large diameter component capability (up to ~1 meter)
  • Fine dimensional tolerance and surface finish capability
  • EDM’able ceramics (both sintered silicon carbide and silicon nitride)
  • Design for manufacture support services
  • Customer optimization of material compositions
  • Full ceramic batch and finished product characterization and analytical capability

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Calix Ceramic Solutions can fully support your application requirements through the complete, design, test, product development and commercialization process.  Ultimately providing you with a unique, cost effective, completely competitively differentiated material solution for your technically demanding service.

Please contact us and allow our application engineers the opportunity to work with your design engineers.

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