Aluminum Oxide

Our aluminum oxide material is the most commonly used ceramic material in the chemical, medical and wear industries. It has an excellent cost-to-material performance record, making it a suitable choice for selected wear liners, mechanical pump seal faces, insulators and other electrical applications.

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Good Mechanical Strength

Our AL2O3 material has comparable strength numbers to higher end non-oxide materials such as silicon carbide.

Extraordinary Electrically Insulating Properties

Sintering specifically developed powders at high temperatures allows us to offer materials that possess excellent electrical properties.

Good Corrosion Resistance

Our AL2O3 materials are corrosion resistant against diluted acids and caustic solutions.

Aluminum Oxide Properties

96.0% Aluminum Oxide Properties

Calix offers a 96% aluminum oxide (AL2O3) material for ceramic applications and projects. The  properties below result in great electrical insulation, solid corrosion resistance and more.

Physical PropertyUnitsTypical Value
Hardness (Vickers)GPa12.7
Elastic ModulusGPa310
Flexural Strength (3 Pt Bend)MPa358
Tensile StrengthMPa200
Compressive StrengthMPa2067
Fracture ToughnessMPa-m 1/24-5
Poisson’s Ratio –0.22
Max Use Temp°C1700
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 25-100° C 1 x 10 ^ -6 / °C 6.0
25-100° C  1 x 10 ^ -6 / °C 6.8
 25-100° C  1 x 10 ^ -6 / °C7.5
 Thermal Conductivity W/mK23
 Electrical Resistivity Ω-cm >10^14

All properties are at room temperature (20°C) unless otherwise stated.

99.8% Aluminum Oxide Properties

AL2O3, better known as Aluminum Oxide, is the most used material for ceramic applications. Its high strength and low cost gives it the versatility to be used for many projects. Learn more about AL2O3 today!

Physical PropertyUnitsTypical Value
Composition99.8% AL2O3
Hardness (Vickers)GPa15
Young’s ModulusGPa379
Bending StrengthMPa379
Fracture ToughnessMPa-m 1/23-4
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion1 x 10 ^ -6 / °C6.5
Thermal ConductivityW/mK30
Electrical Resistivity Ω-cm>10^14

All properties are at room temperature (20°C) unless otherwise stated.

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Alluminum Oxide Seal Face

Aluminum Oxide Seal Face

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