Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide


That’s our trade name for our reaction bonded silicon carbide material. Reaction bonded silicon carbide is a multi-phased material typically containing 7-15% silicon metal, some minor amount of unreacted carbon, with the remaining body being SiC. Reaction bonded SiC materials are manufactured utilizing a variety of processes depending on desired final product geometry, configuration, and required tolerances.

Reaction bonded silicon carbide has proven to be an excellent material choice for wear applications such as pipe liners, flow control chokes and larger wear components in the mining as well as other industries. CALSIC RB offers an economical and reliable material option for many applications where the corrosion resistance or wear resistance of CALSIC S (sintered silicon carbide) is not necessary.

Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide Properties

Physical Property Units Typical Value
Microstructure % 87% SiC, 12% Si
Density g/cc > 3.02
Apparent Porosity % < 0.1
Max Use Temperature °C 1380
Flexural Strength MPa

250 @ 20°C

280 @ 1200°C

Compressive Strength MPa 2500
Modulus of Elasticity GPa

330 @ 20°C

300 @ 1200°C

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1 x 10-6 in/in °C 4.5
Thermal Conductivity @ 1200°C W/mK 45
Poisson's Ratio - 0.2
Vickers Hardness GPa 20-22

All properties are at room temperature (20°C) unless otherwise stated.